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First, I love Cronometer. It really is the most comprehensive means of tracking nutritional data available. With all the food databases it draws from, there really shouldnt be much trouble getting the finer details on the diet, even if it means keying in some generic options as opposed to specific brand named goods. However, the app has undergone some cosmetic changes that seem to clutter the interface up. I feel like the My Foods, Trends and Profile options would serve just as useful under the menu option as these are less frequented data points than just the diary. Just my opinion, but it seems like unnecessary changes just to modernize the app at the expense of a more aesthetic UI. The publisher could at least update the screenshots for the App Store listing to reflect these changes. Again, I definitely still recommend the app and service, and always do when someone inquires about a food logging app, but I hope they clean the main landing / interface up a bit. Thank you, Cronometer.

Really good app!

I really like this app. It has tons of preloaded foods to choose from & gives you the options to add your own from a nutrition label. You can search with a barcode scanner, which also totally rocks. You can also add ingredients from a recipe & their quantities & servings to calculate macros for a serving. I love that. I want to give this a five star but there are two major bugs that drive me crazy that I wish could be fixed. 1) I wish you had the option to edit an existing food choice versus enter everything again. A lot of the foods arent entered in as the same servings/sizes/nutrition info. It may be the same food, brand, etc., but sometimes my serving sizes are different than what the barcode scanner or the preloaded choice brings up. 2) They offer up the option to turn net carbs on or off. LOVE this. However, they only include net carbs as total carbs minus fiber. I eat/drink lots of things with sugar alcohols, which I dont count in total carbs because of the way they are metabolized in the body. But the sugar alcohols are still counted in the net carb count. I wish they would make another option button to turn on or off to subtract sugar alcohols from total carb count too if someone wanted the option. If these two things were fixed, this app would totally be a 5 star!

Need to be able to see what foods contribute to PUFAs

I like it, but dont love it. It is irritating that it will not rotate to landscape so that I can easily use my keyboard on my iPad Pro. I would also like more individual supplements (vitamin A, D, C, etc.) to be available to use without manually adding each one.


I work and one of the leading luxury health and wellness studios across the country. As an Equinox personal trainer I am amazed of how effective this application is. It is not run by a bunch of ads, the platform is very easy to use, and it breaks down nutrition to it smallest components. I wish I wouldve knew about this application earlier. Well done.

Crashes upon opening

Loved this app, but its entirely useless since the last update. I cant even open it.

Including more

I think you need to include more into the app you have to compete with my fitness pal. My fitness pal has a larger variety of foods you also have to make the app a little bit more fun my fitness pal has News and articles on the front. Yes you do have more of the nutrients thats why I do like your app better but you need to include more foods to make it more applicable to what people eat.


Wow, you guys made this so easy to use! I used the older version a few years ago but switched to something with a bigger database, but coming back to this now, I much prefer it! I only have to tap two buttons with this to enter in text for what I ate, as opposed to jumping through hoops to enter food in other logs. Love it. The brighter colors and redesigned icons are awesome and cheery. Great job and thank you so much!

Saw a RD shout this out for personal use

And I can see why! Its great and better than the free options out there. The nutrient breakdown is awesome.

Worth paying the small price

I just got this app but I can tell already Im going to like it. I like this app a lot more than my fitness pal. Generally I eat a very healthy diet and its important to me to make sure Im hitting all of my key nutrients, its very easy to keep track of that with this app.


Worst update ever! Now entries arent showing up!

It still freezes

I use the paid version. Even after the update it freezes when scrolling to the top after viewing the target screen. Then you have to force close and reopen. Otherwise would be a 5 star.

Needs more

Awesome app! But missing some nutrients. (Biotin, Silicia, Phosphorus, etc) Please add all nutrients!

Best, simple to use, Most information feedback, calorie/exercise/minerals/water/fat app!

Do not "join" a crowd, simply track yourself. Every day this app tells you precisely what else you need for sustenance and activity to have the right nutrient, calorie, mineral, water, fat, carb, protein (and more) for your personal goal and it shows you in the tabulated list as you go through your day. I was so amazed. It takes the UPC code you photograph right off your package of whatever food you eat and then adds all the FDA required info from the ingredients to your micro and macro totals in the exact portion you specify. No more guessing - just the facts! So it works. No hidden fees, thank you, its healthy and scientific, and straight so that you want to be straight with it too. I honestly Respect this app. And hope to use it until I learn all the foods and nutrition I need to live a good life, so I may be using it - at least as my dictionary- forever. Hurray for easy, truthful, and well thought out information. The best app for an intelligent person.

Great app just wish it had a few things

I love this app.. I am a macro counter and wish this app showed you how much left you had for the day versus percentage you have already consumed. Also, I wish you could copy and paste meals from previous day, or just some way to transfer especially for people that meal prep. Otherwise great app

Not worth $3 - buggy and confusing

This app has a lot of potential but it needs work. Data doesnt update from screen to screen. On one screen it says my food item is 40g carbs, on the details screen for that item it says its 12g. Confusing navigation. Screen pop-ups like the macros button only stay up for a few seconds before disappearing, too short to take in all the information. Needs work, should not be a paid app but in free beta until it is a bit more refined. Regardless I am still using it because it is recommended by Mercola and seems to be the best app for achieving/maintaining ketosis.

Great app

Have been using for over a year. Has helped me lose 40 pounds. Has many food items and is very easy to enter your own food items or recipes and has a great nutritional breakdown.

Wow, great app!

This app is an excellent discovery. It provides calories, nutrients of all kinds, and even essential amino acids. It tracks everything so easily. So many food are just available in the search, and next to the search there is a barcode button. I just started using the app yesterday, and just found this out. It can scan almost any, mass-produced foods barcode. Unfortunately, not small local businesses, but that is next to impossible. So useful as a vegan. 5 stars.

Its okay

I like cronometer so far and how you can scan items. I just think it a shame you cant enter fruits and vegetables codes from their stickers, beings I eat a lot of those. They should have the option of scanning and entering codes. Other than that its helpful.

Buggy, still

Im glad they just updated this and its a little better but its still pretty buggy and not worth it. Specifically, information inputted via the website doesnt update on the app sometimes which can be frustrating. I reset all my macros to a different diet but it doesnt show up in the app which still shows all my old macros. Also, my weight goal keeps resetting in the app after I keep telling it to show the weight goal (which it will only do temporarily). The website is great, though.

Very unhappy

This app has not provided any support although Ive contacted them several times. I dont think its that difficult to respond to a paying customers email!!!!

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