CRON-O-Meter App Reviews

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Not bad

I bought the app just to support the project. Overall, this is not bad, it has all the functionnalities of the website. It just lacks some optimizations and design appeal. I wish they could make it even better than the mobile version website.

Great app

Great app for keeping track of your daily nutrients and calories Could use a larger products database

It is good, but there are better options.

Please improve the app to match the site quality.

Best nutrition tracker

I have been using cronometer since it was released in its mobile form and even before when it was Mac stand alone and it is still the best nutrition tracker I know. Highly recommended.

So useful!

Its very practically to enter my values on the way.


While i really like the Website the App is so so better overview than e.g. Myfitnesspal but the layout really lacks some...i dont know...not fun to use


App is to Slow ! Systeme Crash !

Love it!

Perfect to track your diet.

I love this app

Everything about this app is so well thought out and implemented. It does what it says it will do and it does it well.

Worth It!!!

Awesome app! Worth $2.99! Keeps track of everything you eat and drink as well as your activity throughout the day! Fantastic!

Please fix bug

It keeps crashing every time I try to log in with Facebook

Doesnt have the search function that the online version has.

I really wanted this only so I could search the nutritional info of certain foods on the go, but the app doesnt have the same search option as the website does. Disappointing.

Needs more user interaction

I have found some of the food items in accurately recorded when I compared nutrition values given those on the food package. It would be nice if the user could make corrections. Also Id like to change my original parameters but cant seem to do least its not easy to find. Wheres the help page? Judy

Iodine needed

Lots of great information and very easy to use but is missing iodine values.


I have been going around in circles trying to log in to use this app with no success and a lot of time wasted.

Feel stupid for wasting my money

I was using myfitnesspal for some time, but wanted to better track vitamins and minerals. Cronometer sure does track a lot of nutrients, but the first 2 foods I entered a search for didnt show, I would have had to add everything manually (60 nutrients). The biggest pitfall is no scanning ability, those 2 same foods scanned straight into myfitnesspal. I cant believe these guys charge money and you have to enter your foods...

Not worth it unless...

Great if your eating a raw food diet. Garbage if you need to enter everyday items. And no scanning system? Wow...

This app knows its sh**

Ive only been using this app for a week or so now but can honestly say its awesome. The feedback with break downs with all of the vitamins and nutrients is super helpful. What Ive noticed is if I feel kind of crummy I can go back and analyze my diet for the past few days to see what could be causing my mood. For example I was rarely getting enough vitamin D and didnt even notice same with vitamin C so I added a glass of orange juice a day to my diet and I started feeling better. Maybe placebo but I doubt it. The ability to add foods takes time (you have to punch all the numbers from the nutrition label). But ultimately worth the time it takes. Plus the more foods you enter the less you have to as days go on, because if youre like me I tend to eat specific foods I like. The recipe aspect is also time consuming but awesome. My only complaint is the lack of ability to edit/Change your recipes, you just have to make a new one every time. There should be a comprehensive editable "cook book" or "my foods" section.

Fantastic tool for better health

I LOVE this app. I use it with the intention of improving my health via nutrition and watching my intake of vitamins and minerals. It is not an app that focuses around scanning a box of fruity cereal and adding in your take out dinner. It has accurate whole food listings and is very encompassing for those who are not eating a highly processed diet. I love the graphs and the detailed information and customizable entries where you can add all the detail (not just macros but micronutrients as well) . It is easy to use and exactly what I was looking for.

Disappointed with this app.

It will log me out and when I try to log back in, it gives an error of "login failed".

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